Jack of All Trades


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Do you know someone who seems to know something about everything?  That person is conversant with many things.  Doesn’t mean he’s an expert; just that he  knows something about a lot of different things.


We used to call such a person a Jack of all trades, master of none.  It’s good to be conversant with  several things.  I mean, most women I know have many talents. We have to. We are called upon to do many things in the course of a day, and we usually manage  quite well.  We care for children; we pack a lunch for daddy; we clean, cook, do laundry,  pay bills, shop, entertain, drive all over the place–and that’s just for starters.  But most of us have something with which we are truly conversant, something we love to do, and something we do better than the average bear 🙂

Big switch now:  My Terry is truly an expert, conversant with all sorts of ways to fix all sorts of things.  It’s his gift. And he loves doing it.  I’m dreading the day he is no longer able to do all that he does to keep things operational around here.  In our 48.5 years of marriage, I’ve never, ever called a repairman.  If Terry doesn’t already know how to repair whatever is broken, he’ll learn.  He’s become quite proficient as using You Tube to learn all sorts of things.

He’s my Jack of all trades, master of many 🙂



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