What’s in a Name


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. 


I had to do a quick search to remind myself  who Rube Goldberg was.  I discovered that we share a birthdate–July 4.  Only he was born in 1883.  I’m not quite that old.

He was brilliant, a gifted and creative genius.  Engineer, inventor, cartoonist,  he carved a name for himself in the history of zany inventions.  None of that explains why someone who is rather doltish and naive is sometimes referred to as a Rube, so back to Google I went.


Aha.  It derives from the name Reuben, and denotes a country bumpkin.  No connection to Rube Goldberg.  And, I think, a rather unkind  derivative of a perfectly good name.  Reuben must have been a popular name amongst country folks for a while there.


And then, of course, I was reminded of this old song:



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