Schmaltz Never Hurt Anyone


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I could see early on that this Valentine’s Day was going to be just another day in our house.  DH is kind of hit-and-miss on those things, and it’s a good thing I’m not a person who needs flowers and candy to know she is loved 🙂

So.  I’m still not feeling very good, and I pretty much crashed when I got home.  And, to my pleasure, found that the Hallmark Channel was running back-to-back Valentine romances last night 🙂

Danica McKellar

So I watched two.  I know, some of you are thinking “Yeesh!  Corny, predictable,  formula stories.”  Yes.  Yes, they are.  One of the predictable things is that someone, at some point, is going to say, “What are you doing here?”

But you know, that’s okay.  I enjoy the movies because they have no bedroom scenes, no tonsil hockey, no face-sucking.  They reflect the human experience, the desire for love, and all the pitfalls that can happen along the way.

I’d a lot rather watch that than to fill my head with rape, abuse of all sorts, drugs, violence, and dead bodies. I don’t want to watch anyone getting beaten up or tortured.  I don’t want to watch horror and geysers of blood splatting my TV screen.

So I had a lovely time last night, nursing my sore throat, napping now and then, and getting saturated with schmaltz.

Oh, and I enjoyed the costumes at the masquerade ball, too 🙂


5 thoughts on “Schmaltz Never Hurt Anyone

  1. Dora

    You’re such a sweetheart. You make me smile often, but today I have to tell you so. Having never heard the word “schmaltz”, I educated myself via Google. I was referenced to “schmaltz beer”. Continuing on, I was also referenced to chicken or goose fat, so I figured maybe you meant you were eating a lot of chicken soup. I further investigated the “schmaltz beer” to find out the final correct spelling of that is “shmaltz”. Whew. And just now, after I thought I had it all figured out, I double check how I’m spelling everything to indeed find “schmaltz” as in “excessive sentimentality, especially in music or movies.” Aha. I should be too embarrassed to even post this comment at this point. Anyway! Masquerade of meanings. And now I’ve learned three new vocab words for the day. Since you enjoy words, I thought my journey might bring you a smile. Wish you well!

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