A Cold Assignment


Zing, I want to go back to where the water was warm and the sun was hot,” muttered Zang.  “This is unbearable.  What a strange place is this Earth!”

Zing shivered, too.  His antennae quivered from his shaking. But their assignment had been clear. They must analyze “snow” to see if it could be weaponized and used against them.

“Zang, do you remember the little girl who watched us from her window?  I wonder what she’s doing now.”

“Enjoying the warmth of the sun, of course. Splashing like a fish in the warm water. Not freezing, like us.”


63 thoughts on “A Cold Assignment

  1. Dale

    If they finish their analysis soon, hopefully, the bosses will send them to another area with yet another eco-system… Lord knows, Earth has quite a few…
    Even if they realise snow can be turned into snowballs, all they’ll discover is how much fun a fight of this sort can be! 😉 If they figure out how to dress for the occasion.
    Oh crap. As I write this, I look outside and it is snowing. AGAIN. Sigh.

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    1. Well, the snow is certainly part of a different climate than the rickety house on the shore was, so yes. They’ve travelled. How did Zang know Peony was watching? Maybe it was those antennae 🙂


  2. Good morning, Linda. Is there any way you can “unset” this as the Home Page of your blog? It’s still popping up both on my computer and on my phone whenever I type in your site address. I don’t know a lot about this, but this post’s URL must somehow be set as the “Display A Static Home Page.” By now it can’t be just a glitch.

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    1. I’ve tried a dozen different ways. Maybe someone out there can help me out. I’d like each new post to be the one that comes up, as it does on my Bible study blog. I’ll work on it again, though. Maybe I just need to change the theme.


      1. If you go to your Admin and selected PAGES, you’ll see all the pages that are displaying. If “A Cold Assignment” is there, delete it. If you go to APPEARANCE > Menus and you see it somewhere in the menus, delete it. But if you’ve done all this and not found the glitch, then I’d say you’ll have to contact WP and see what they can do.
        Something isn’t right and people will be thinking you haven’t posted anything since Feb — at least on phones. Your side bars aren’t displaying on my phone, just posts scrolling backwards from this post.

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