A Watcher


Way up at the top of the rickety house,  a little girl lay belly-down on her bed. She watched, fascinated, as Zing and Zang seemed to float in the air around the houseboat  drifting on the glassy water.

“A boat for a house?” questioned Zing.  “Who would want to live that way?  Earth people are so strange.”

Zang agreed, He’d much rather live on solid ground.

The girl watched and listened.  The two odd creatures seemed to vanish and then reappear, depending on the sunlight or shadow.  Her name was Peony. She wanted to know more, but she was afraid.

61 thoughts on “A Watcher

      1. anie

        Yes, that’s right granonine. But it is your mind, which search for the inspiration in the foto, and your mind is only influenced by your feelings. So you can see the most wonderful things and motivation in the most depressing foto if you are just in mood….and of course the other way round….😉

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    1. This is the latest in a series of stories on Zing and Zang, which have been great fun to write. You can find the rest by typing “Zing and Zang Stories” in the search option 🙂


  1. Sarah Ann

    I can see this running and running with Peony. I have to say to Zing and Zang, as someone who lives on a boat, it’s not that strange at all. And you get to change your garden whenever you want. 🙂

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