Spaceship Training?

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

“Zing, look!  That machine is like a spaceship, but they forgot to close the cover!  And each of those buckets has small human—children?–trapped in it. Listen to them scream!  We should help them!”

“Zang, you’re always so impulsive. Just wait.  We need to do good recon. Look, nothing happens–they just go around and around. ”

“I wonder why?  Maybe they are training the children for space flight.”

“Maybe.  It’s not a very good system, though.”

The machine slowed to a stop, and the children  dismounted. They laughed and chattered their way to the next ride.


47 thoughts on “Spaceship Training?

  1. anie

    they are cute! Normally in a childrenbook they would need now a child from earth to understand the world….someone who is becomeing a friend and does not reveal them…..I just thought about a serie I loved when I was a child….it´s “Lucie, der Schrecken der Meere….or Friedrich und Friedrich”…the two were not aliens but nearly…; )

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  2. anie

    unfortunately I did not find a link with this music I have in my ears…but the link is good to see this two and I just thought about them when I read from zing and zang!


  3. I’m reminded of a short film I saw years ago where two aliens were observing humans smoking cigarettes. The aliens jumped to the conclusion that cigarettes were “breathing sticks” that humans needed in order to survive.

    I rather like the spaceship training idea. Great POV.

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