Moral Depravity


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I don’t always look up the etymology of the daily word, but I’m glad I did today.  As with thousands of other words in English, this one as come down from other countries, and developed other meanings than the original:


“Old English forloren ‘depraved, morally abandoned,’ past participle of forlēosan ‘lose,’ of Germanic origin; related to Dutch verliezen and German verlieren, and ultimately to for- and lose. Sense 1 dates from the 16th century.”

I’m reading a book right now that has to do with Nazi Germany during WWII. I believe that Hitler’s Nazis were indeed “depraved and morally abandoned.”  Anyone who can approve of, promote, and participate in the brutalities of that time  had to have been completely depraved and morally abandoned.

There are hundreds of photos worse than this one, proof that people were indeed imprisoned, starved, and often tortured and killed for no other reason than their ethnicity or the “unhealthy” beliefs that ran against the Nazi regime.  I’ll never understand how anyone can claim that the Holocaust never really happened.

It’s still happening today.  Evil exists. We need to understand that. Sometimes it is perpetrated in the name of some god who demands it.  NOT my God!

Depravity and moral abandonment. it’s a terrible evil that can overtake the nation, any nation, if we sit back and do nothing.

4 thoughts on “Moral Depravity

  1. Depravity and moral abandonment, bad and the beginning of the end.
    Nazi Germany: bad and it shows how evil sits in everyone and how morality can be manipulated. No question Morals and values ​​need to be strengthened again. The question is what they look like. The world is changing, as every human being every second of his life. And God’s message is love, it is constant, infinite and endless forever. But the book? The Bible? I think the explanation of the divine message is in urgent need of a new revision. In the name of God’s, terrible things have already been committed. I do not think that the Crusaders were less evil than the Nazis. What morals are we talking about? May two people who love each other be together? Natürich. Even homosexuals? Sorry, for me a definite yes! May people divorce because they have decided after a long struggle that they love another person so much that they can no longer be happy in marriage? It is clear to me that our world is being driven to ruin by egoists, but also to people who have a good morale, living conditions arise in which they have to fight and perhaps yet opt ​​for egoism, simply because it is for them itself too important.
    David could not resist “Batseba in the bath”. It is shown as one of his sins, but the story could have been different. A loving story with an in love Batseba, and a destiny for David …. we can always bring stories as explanations and it makes sense to strengthen morals, but it is absolutely wrong to undermine people’s freedom. Man is free and must decide for himself and his conscience. I pray to God that he will not let this conscience in mankind wither!

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    1. I completely agree that the Crusades were no less evil than Nazism. Where we part company is that evil done in God’s Name is not because God said to do it. God’s character prevents Him from ever perpetrating evil. When men do evil things in God’s Name, the sin is theirs–not His.

      And if the Bible were revised to keep up with the changes in the way people think–wouldn’t that make it man’s word instead of God’s Word?

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      1. anie

        I fully agree with you, whoever does evil in the name of God has charged himself with sin. I would never say that these people who killed for the cross have been asked by God. But the people (the church) has misused God’s Word. I appreciate people like you who are convincing and whom I think live what they preach. But unfortunately there are enough others.
        Adapting the Bible to the changing times would not be the worst. Of course these are the words of the people, but with these words people can be reached. And the Bible itself, is pure God’s Word? Who wrote it down? Who interprets in his Mass, who translates?

        I have a very abstract image of God. I still remember exactly how I had to paint as a 6 year old God in religious education. I painted a cloud (I think I told you that before) instead of an old wise man.
        I do not believe that God speaks. God has no body and needs no sense organs. God is just everywhere, in all things God is the universe, the order and the rules and the love. And the people who received words from God were very sensitive to this order. They had the destiny to sense order and preach.
        This has nothing to do with the most of the preachers and churches of today, I think.

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