Spring is Coming


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Capable of succeeding; capable of germinating; capable of life.

Right now?  Surviving the present winter snowstorm doesn’t seem too viable.  I have to leave in about an hour, unless my clients cancel because of the snow.  It wouldn’t upset me at all if they did. We weren’t supposed to get much more than a light dusting, but it seems we’re going above and beyond.

Taking another direction completely,  the viability of life always amazes me.  Over the winter, the ground freezes; on a day like today, everything is just a white blur. The trees (not the pines, the other ones-deciduous?)  have bare branches sticking up like dead fingers beseeching the sun to warm them up.

If you watch in our back yard, you will be treated to the sudden streak of red when one of our cardinals decided to visit a different tree; or you will see the blue of a raucous jay as he asserts himself over the whole world.

There’s not much squirrel activity.  They’re smart enough to stay tucked up together in their own trees in weather like this.

The sky is white. The ground is white. The street is black, so either the salt trucks have been out or it’s not cold enough for the snow to compete with the traffic.

Image result for winter/spring contrast pictures

But in the spring!  Oh, how I love spring here in my corner of PA. That’s when all those empty, black branches pop into bud and then produce leaves and flowers to take your breath away.  The ground allows the green blades of tulips to cut their way through, and daffodils delight one’s eyes and heart.  Color returns.  Rain soaks the ground, making life viable for everything that grows.

So we endure winter, and even find reasons to be thankful for it. The biggest thing I’m thankful for about winter is that it will be over!

So endure the cold, enjoy the snow, be thankful for the knowledge that this too shall pass.



11 thoughts on “Spring is Coming

  1. I think we all prefer spring. Perfect temps, the humidity is just comfortable, fresh green, no falling leaves yet, no unbearable heat.

    We’re enjoying a break in the chill these past few days and our cats are begging to go out in the sunshine — then begging to come in again in an hour or so. 🙂

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