An Old Song


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I always think of the old song Sentimental Journey.  You know, “Got my bags, I’ve got my reservation. …”

It was popular before I was born, a big song during WWII.  I’ve always been drawn to that music, maybe because it was the music my parents knew and loved.  I got them a whole set of 1940’s music on LP’s many years ago, all the music of their era.  I wish I knew where that set went, now that they’re both in heaven. I sure would love to have it. The Big Band era, and singers who actually sang and didn’t yell, scream, and screw up their faces as if they were in pain.

Why do singers do that?

Image result for singer with face all screwed up like he's in pain

Poor guy looks like he just sat on a tack. Or he’s really, really angry at someone.

Anyway,  here’s the song:  Be patient, she actually sings the words partway through the video.




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