If Time Stopped


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It’s almost 2018.  If time were to stop right now, we’d never make it to tomorrow or Monday, when the calendar page will flip to the new year.

It’s snowing in my corner of PA, a pretty, quiet snow with very little wind. Would the snow just—stop?  Stop in mid-air, never to complete its journey to the ground?

Would I be stilled, sitting in my comfy chair with my laptop on my  lap table, my fingers frozen on the keys?  Would my novel never make it to the computer? Would my eyes be  stopped  as I type?  Right now, I’m gazing out the  picture window  as the snow collects on the car, the driveway, the branches of our dogwood trees.  If time were to stop, is that where my brain would stop, too?

Would my thoughts be stopped where they are right now?  Would I have memory, or wonder about the future–if there IS a future when time stops?



And how does time stop, anyway? Time is not a tangible thing. We can’t see it or touch it, yet we measure it with calendars, clocks, and computers. We are creatures of day/night, dark/light, seasons, days, years.  We think in terms of today, yesterday, tomorrow, an hour from now or two hours ago.

I always take a vacation the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. This year, it feels as if the days have just slipped away without my  knowledge.  Of course, I’ve been sick with  my annual winter cold, so time has seemed to stop because I’ve been sleeping more, drifting in a land beyond time, half awake, half asleep during the daylight hours.

Tuesday is going to come as a shock.  I’ll be back to work,  with nine scheduled clients. Nine hours of seeing people who want help with their different problems. The day will be measured in 60-minute blocks, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. when I say goodnight to my last client and  aim my car in the direction of home.  Bed always beckons sweetly on Tuesday nights.

Almost done here.  It’s become a bit of a ramble, so I should quit before I say something silly 🙂

Maybe it’s already too late!




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