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I am blessed, in this cold snap the whole nation seems to be feeling, to be warm, cozy, and safe in my living room.  Wrapped in a comfortable robe and an afghan, I’m enjoying the last few days of Christmas music I allow myself while I catch up on my computer work.  I have five more days to enjoy before going back to work next Tuesday,  and while I’ve accomplished several tasks, I’m not pushing too hard.

I think about this, though:  We are not wealthy. We don’t have several million dollars set aside for our retirement.  I suspect I’ll be working as long as my body and mind hold out.  And yet, compared to so many areas around the world, we ARE wealthy. The refrigerator and pantry are well-stocked–and cleaned out and organized while our son Dan is with us for a few more weeks 🙂

We have plenty of clothing. We have warm coats, boots, gloves, scarves, hats. We have fuel for the little oil-burning stove in our living room that warms the house.  We have comfortable, attractive furniture; I’m listening to beautiful music on my Bose.

Absolutely nothing to complain about there.  I am thankful for God’s provision for us.



And I wonder about how the homeless are faring  this week. I know there are shelters, but I also know that some homeless people resist going into anyplace where they feel they may lose their freedom. I know there are soup kitchens and pantries for the needy Our church participates in such a program. But there are those who are unable or unwilling to use such opportunities.

It’s a hard life out there during the cold weather if you don’t have anywhere to go, nothing to eat, no shelter from the cold.

If you can’t physically help, then donate to places that can, like the Salvation Army. Your money will be used for its intended purpose. Be thankful, and be generous.



9 thoughts on “A Good Word

  1. I often think, too, about how the homeless are faring when temps drop down this low, -31C/-23 F this morning. I also think of those who have a home of sorts, but no warmth physically or emotionally. These days after Christmas can be pretty hard to bear.
    I agree with your thoughts of being thankful and sharing.

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