The Greatest Miracle


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Beyond the laws of nature. The unusual, the unexpected, the abnormal.

True miracles do still happen. Every now and then, a client will tell me about some unexpected, serendipitous event.  For example, a divorced mother of three gets an unexpected package left at her door that is full of Christmas gifts.  Or she receives a check in the mail from a person she really doesn’t know, but who felt lead to send her the money.  These are miracles, though, only if the person on the receiving end hasn’t broadcast far and wide what the present need is 🙂

Sometimes we tend to look at every-day things without the realization that they are, in fact, miracles.  Think of the toast you enjoyed for breakfast this morning. It started with the miracle of tiny seeds bursting into shoot of green; the earth nourishing the seed; the rain giving it life; the harvesting, processing, and transporting of the wheat until it arrived in your kitchen as a loaf of bread.  Or, in my kitchen, as a package of flour that I will  make into bread.

Yes, all that is a miracle.

I’ve had cause to be thankful for the miracle of relief from pain—without drugs!  The two  surgeries I had this past year have relieved about 90% of my lower back pain. I know there will be more pain as my conditions progress, but for now, I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am for the miracle of modern technology and surgery, and the skill of the doctor who took care of me.

Then there is the miracle of love.  Terry and I don’t always like each other (that only lasts for moments, not days or weeks!)  but even when we’re at odds, we always love each other. Unconditional, committed, lifelong love and mutual respect is a miracle these days.  To have had nearly fifty years of the love and commitment of a good and godly man?  That’s a miracle, and I am thankful.

I think that because of the work I do, in which every person I see in my office is broken in some way, I am keenly aware of the blessings of a so-called normal life, whatever that means.

Of course, at this season of the year we celebrate the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, and all that His birth entails. The only holiday that is just as meaningful to believers is Resurrection Sunday, also known as Easter.  Why?  Because without the resurrection, Jesus would have been just another dead Jewish guy, crucified by the authority of Rome.  The greatest miracle is that He rose victorious over sin and death, so that we can have eternal life in heaven with Him.

I serve a risen Savior!

5 thoughts on “The Greatest Miracle

  1. anie

    wonderful granonine, yes, life alone is a miracle. Everything is possible as long as our body and mind live in peace with us. We all want to pay more attention to this peace at Christmas and hopefully take it through the whole next year. I wish you a peaceful Christmas Granonine!

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