Refinished Floors


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I am always amazed at how a piece of wood, already beautiful, can be brought to life with  careful varnishing.

Image result for bare wood and varnished wood

Several years ago, we pulled up all the carpeting in our little rancher to reveal the lovely wood floors underneath.  I was appalled at all the ickyness the carpet contained, in spite of regular vacuuming and cleaning. Terry sanded the floors and refinished them, and I love the look. The varnish really makes the grain pattern pop.

And they’re a whole lot easier to clean than the carpets were!

3 thoughts on “Refinished Floors

  1. anie

    I love walk on wood and wood is wonderful with it´s structure and lines of life. If you do it nicely and put the finishing touches on it, you’ll never want another floor again!

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