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Three meanings here. The archaic one is the throat, which helps me understand the old-fashioned expression I remember my parents using about something just making their gorge rise.

Second, a narrow valley between high hills or mountains.

Third, to eat way too much, even to the point of getting sick.

Words. So interesting.  This one comes from Latin gurges,  which helps me understand regurgitate.  Two more meanings: in architecture,  the neck of a bastion or other outwork; the rear entrance to a fortification.

And in geology,  a mass of ice obstructing a narrow passage, especially a river.

Image result for Columbia River Gorge

This is the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, which is a beautiful place. You can see how the river narrows between the encroaching hills and cliffs.  I’ve seen this.  Loved it.  Oregon is a beautiful place.

And now I’m done 🙂


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