Silver and Other Stuff


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. 


Well, this one surprised me.  It comes from the Latin patina, a shallow dish. Over time, it has come to refer to the brown or green discoloration that appears on metals like bronze. It also refers to the shine or gloss on wood or leather that comes with age and use.  Sometimes it refers to an aura, like someone having a patina of refinement or wealth.

And here all this time I thought it was about silver.  I’ve heard about the patina that develops on silver with lots of use and cleaning,

Which reminds me of my trip many years ago to the Tower of London. In the area where the Crown jewels are displayed, there is a room containing glass cases of silver and gold pieces such as serving platters, soup tureens,  and so on.  I had never seen so much gold and silver all in one place before.  It was quite impressive.


This photo doesn’t do it justice at all.  I couldn’t find one of just the glass cases of golden and silver pieces.

Well, so much for today’s prompt. Nothing exciting and original from me today 🙂


3 thoughts on “Silver and Other Stuff

  1. The royal family will not allow their jewels to be valued or even inventoried , the gold and silver are real , but the jewels and all those stones of enormous beauty and value have been cut up and sold off . The precious stones were all stolen from different royalties around the world when we were an empire . From India to Myanmar the war machine raped and pilfered every country and then gave the land back when the army had finished . The royals get many petitions yearly asking for the return of such Gems , but they forever get rebuffed . This is a huge black mark against us and understandably we Engladers are not liked and even hated around the globe for such things ….shame on us , shame on us .

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    1. I understand, Mark. While I’m not excusing or approving, any time I hear something like this, I think, “Yes, and so has it always been in the entire history of the world; one nation conquers another, commits terrible things against the people, robbing raping, and generally behaving badly.” It’s nothing new. Slavery sometimes seems endemic only to the USA, but that just isn’t true. Black Africans sold other Black Africans to the slave traders. Slavery existed long before the New World was discovered, and yet American is the target for just about all accusations in this matter. The native peoples of the New World enslaved each other. Seen from a very cynical perspective, history is just the record of man’s mistreatment of man. As you say, shame on all of us. Every nation, every people, all are guilty.

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      1. We left India with the clock and a railway system that actually runs on time And therefore much better than we left it . I agree with you wholeheartedly that the Brits weren’t the only ones conquering the world at that time in history and yes it’s still happening today . I really don’t understand why , we are more educated than back then yet we impose on others who we perceive as undemocratic , governments will always find a word or a phrase to impose ideas . What a strange world it is , and I truly hope world peace is found soon before we tear ourselves and our world apart .

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