The Towers


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20+ years ago, we were visiting New York City with some close friends. He was driving, which he loves to do. He was a trucker, and was familiar with the city.  We were having a great time together, enjoying all the sights.  I loved visiting, but knew I’d never want to live there.  I grew up in cities–Minneapolis and Portland, OR–but over the years I’ve become more comfortable in the country.

Anyway, we’d decided to visit the Twin Towers, so we headed to the financial district.  First time I’d ever seen Wall Street, and what impressed me was that it wasn’t all that long, but the buildings all towered over the scurrying people and vehicles of all sorts.

Image result for Wall Street, New York

This is a very quiet moment on Wall Street.  When we were there, the traffic was thick.  There was one thing, though, that we–and our driver–did NOT see:

Image result for one-way sign on Wall Street

So our driver pulled his car around the corner, going the wrong way, and set off a cacophony of blaring horns and gesturing people.  Realizing his error, he laughed, tipped his hat to the other drivers, and quickly scooted around another corner that set him in the right direction.

No harm, no foul.  Just a fun, memorable moment before we finally reached the Towers, where we went only as far as the 8th floor.  Money was tight for us back then, and it would have cost more than we wanted to spend to go up to the top. Still, I’m glad we were there.  Glad we  had the opportunity to see what they were like before the enemy took them down.

Image result for Twin Towers


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