Fibber McGee’s Closet


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Judy and Uncle Bill  opened the door to  Aunt Reenie’s storage closet. They both stood speechless, taking in the  years of accumulated  miscellany.

“It’s Fibber McGee’s closet!” said Uncle Bill.

“Who?  What?” asked Judy.

“It’s an old radio program. Look it up.  Well, let’s get it done.”

Aunt Reenie was Uncle Bill’s aunt, nearly 100 years old when she decided to die.

“What useless junk!”  Judy  declared.

“Maybe. But Aunt Reenie was thankful for everything she had. There are some good stories in this closet.”

“Really?  Like what?”  The time flew as they cleared it out.





58 thoughts on “Fibber McGee’s Closet

  1. Dear Linda,

    I wondered if Fibber McGee’s Closet might come up. My parents used to talk about it and likened my closet to it. 😉 I’m sure there was plenty of reminiscing along with the closet organizing. Nicely written.



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  2. I love this short-short!!! Don’t we just yearn to be let in on those stories? This closet, however, is sparse and organized compared to Fibber McGee’s. Remember? Everything used to fall out of it when the door was opened.

    Very skillfully done, granonine.

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    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I remember–the sound effects were terrific 🙂 And you’re right, this closet doesn’t reach that standard. But it was the first thing that came to mind, so I went with it. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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  3. My Dad was the world’s ultimate pack rat. He kept everything he ever owned, even stuff my Mom thought he’d gotten rid of a long time ago. After he died, my brother and I had to go through it all. There were lots of “treasures,” but we also made a lot of trips to the dump.

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  4. Moon

    Googled it and laughed out loud.
    Such a great, wonderfully wonderful story.
    i loved how each item one owns, is a memory encapsulated forever. Clearing her closet must have enlightened Judy about aunt Reenie’s times and her own family .

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  5. I’m one who remembers Fibber McGee and his closet. It was hilarious. I loved the sound of everything falling out. Every show there was a reason he had to open it. My dad must have enjoyed it as we always listened to it. I was young but it was memorable. Your story was about something that probably often happens to people. I enjoyed it. Good writing, Linda. 😀 — Suzanne

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