Leaving It


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This isn’t mine, but doesn’t it look cozy?  It’s the way I feel about my house–safe, comfortable, a retreat, a nest.

I have to leave it for most of today, to go work in my cozy nest of an office.  I have nine people to see today, and I have admit it makes me weary just to think about it.  I won’t be home until after 9 p.m. and I’ll go to bed just as soon after that as I can.

I was sick over the weekend with some kind of bug that still hasn’t completely gone away, so my energy level isn’t tip-top. Yesterday I tackled some laundry and dusted all the furniture in preparation for Thanksgiving here on Thursday.

My wonderful husband has volunteered to do floors and bathrooms today, so all I’ll have to do tomorrow is begin prepping for the feast. Others are bringing some sides and desserts, so there really isn’t that much for me to do. Turkey/stuffing, our family favorite jello salad, potatoes, dinner rolls. My menu is written down, the food shopping is done. The bird is thawing slowly in the fridge. Things are under way.

I’m thankful this year that I’m able to do Thanksgiving here. For years, our tradition has been that I do Thanksgiving and my daughter does Christmas. For the last couple of year my back pain has made it necessary for her to do both, but this year I’m doing better. So glad to be able to move freely, sleep well–all without benefit of pain medication.

So.  As the seven dwarfs sang, “Hi Ho! Hi Ho!  It’s off to work I go!”




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      1. We have two main celebrations (Eids) but i can not tell you the exact dates as for our Eids we follow the Islamic calendar. In Arabic countries these eids are main holidays but as I am living in the Uk, we take just a day or two off if it’s not during common holidays.
        Hope my explanation is clear as yours.
        Thanks for asking
        Wishing you all the best

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