With Care


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This word certainly has a fascinating history. It has traveled from the Latin genitus (well-born) to Old French gent (graceful) to Old French gensor (delicate) to the more modern gingerly, meaning daintily, mincingly. 

It has nothing at all to do with ginger, the spice. Rather, it traces back to the belief that people who were born with noble blood were as a matter of nature very graceful, delicate, dainty, and careful.  It was the belief that these qualities were caught, not taught–although children of noble blood were certainly schooled in noble behavior. I do hope, though, that they are not taught to walk mincingly. That doesn’t bring a pleasant picture to mind:




Seriously glad these dainty, delicate ways of dressing for men of the nobility are no longer “in.”

These days, we may handle a difficult matter gingerly–with care, so as not to create damage. We may pick our way through a field of poison ivy gingerly.  Personally, I’d walk miles to get around it completely if that were necessary.  The word has come to mean carefully, gently, with concern, and has very little to do with the manner of walking or moving.

I think that’s a good thing.

In that picture?  The combination of lip rouge and scruffy beard just cracks me up 🙂




8 thoughts on “With Care

  1. anie

    A nice post and very interesting, where these words always come from !!!
    To be careful is certainly always good, but for people with a tender mind anyway. Yes, you are certainly right, some difficulties you could completely avaoid, but in some difficulties there are also adventures, possibilities and the hope that something nice developed from it. I have a book project in mind that substantively ev. Can harvest great criticism, but carefully touched, it can also be masterful … I think!

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  2. As always , very articulate and interesting read. You are right as I think I’d rather walk around naked than dress like that ….those wigs were full of lice , fleas and other nasty insects ….don’t know about gingerly , but rather Lousy . Thank you again .

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