Don’t Trust the Snake Oil Salesmen!


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This word has come down to us from two Greek words: Pan, meaning all; and akos, meaning healing.

And aren’t we still looking for that one thing, that miraculous herb, nut, berry, fruit, that heals everything and gives long life to those who use it?

If you can’t resist click-bait, you know that just about every famous woman on the scene right now is being touted as using/developing/selling THE magic cream that will take years off your face, erase lines and wrinkles, and give you that youthful glow. The bait to take you to the ad is usually something like, “Hollywood says goodbye to Sally Field,” which makes you think she must have died.  I wonder how many innocents have been led to the come-on by such malarky.  Do yourself a favor, save some time, and just don’t go there.



I really don’t want to lose my lines and wrinkles.  I’ve earned them, and they speak of a life fairly well-lived.  Yes, I grease up my face a couple of times a day, but that’s because my skin has become so dry that if I don’t lubricate it, it’s going to start peeling off. It hurts.

But I’m not looking for a panacea for old age or anything else. Lots of snake oil salesmen have conned lots of people out of lots of money by promising the fountain of youth, eternal health,  and probably increased intelligence, as well.

It’s baloney, folks.  And so is all that face cream that Melania, Princess Kate, and Sally are said to be selling. Is there a possibility that any of the stuff actually makes a woman look better?  I suppose, but it’s just not going to make you look 20 if you’re 70.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Trust the Snake Oil Salesmen!

  1. I’ve lead a rough and hard life and with it have come the crows feet , the greying receding hair line which has for sometime now given me what in times past would call a Widows peak and finally the scars of such a life . I started life disgracefully and now in my mid life growing old gracefully and fully accept my imperfections. I always said I would grow old gracefully and not cover nor hide . Great read and I bow to your wisdom as it is all we can do with age , if we don’t want to look ridiculous and afraid of what we see in the mirror .

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