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This word is on my list of words never to use.  Why?  Because it has become over-used, and  meaningless.  Just like awesome, which is applied to everything from a good hamburger to a handsome guy.  Please. Find another adjective.

When I hear someone saying some experience was surreal, I’m often tempted to ask if they know the meaning of the word.  Here are some synonyms:

unrealbizarreunusualweirdstrangefreakishunearthlyuncannydreamlike, phantasmagorical

Are you sure you want to apply such words to every experience during the course of your day?  I mean, a good pizza is a thing of beauty, but is it really phantasmagorical? Maybe, if you were THAT hungry!


We have fallen into the habit of using superlative words to describe normal things. If your walk in the park was surreal, then what are you going to use to describe an unusually beautiful sunset?  Oh, wait.  I know. Awesome. Totally awesome. 

THIS is surreal:

Image result for surreal

Most things in our daily lives are not surreal. Really.




11 thoughts on “Over-used

  1. I agree, Alice’s experience in Wonderland was surreal, so was Dorothy’s in the land of Oz for that matter, but for most of us a Salvador Dali on the living room wall is as surreal as life gets.


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