Soul Mate


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“Never let a fraud steal your heart,” thought  Julie.

Too late. She’d met him on a well-known and highly-regarded dating website. He had all the right assets. Smart, funny, independent, good job, loved babies and puppies—maybe too good to be true.

So they’d agreed to meet in a public place just for coffee. Each drove separately, so there would be no awkwardness if things didn’t work out.

The electricity between them could have lit up New York. They drowned in each other’s eyes, speaking without words throughout the evening.  When he gently, carefully touched her hand, she was lost.

“What a gentleman,” she thought. He wasn’t pushy, wasn’t brazen and forward. She wanted to see him again.

They made another date, and the relationship progressed like a love story in a fairy tale.  Julie felt she’d met her heart’s desire, the other half of herself, the best guy in the world.

It lasted until she came home from work one day and found her door already open, the lock broken. Her apartment was empty. The police took the list she’d made, but they weren’t hopeful. Her laptop was gone, all her good jewelry, clothing, shoes, anything of any value. He had her computer, so he also had access to her finances.All she had left was what was in her purse and her car.

And the fragments of a shredded heart when she found the note on her bathroom mirror:  “Hi, Julie. You’re looking at a sucker :)”



9 thoughts on “Soul Mate

  1. For all that, sounds like she came out of it ahead. Something like this happened to a friend. He didn’t take her stuff, but she’d trusted him with her bank card…and she’d received a nice settlement from an accident she’d been in…

    I don’t know how I’d manage as a single in today’s world — especially using a dating service for help in finding The One. I’ve always believed that if a man isn’t married by the time he’s thirty, there’s a reason. It may be a legitimate reason—but you’d better discover it before committing.


  2. That’s a good general rule, Christine. One of my own sons didn’t marry until he was 40, and there was a reason. He just wasn’t ready. Happily, he met a wonderful young woman and is now a married man, but five years ago? I would have counseled her not to marry him yet.

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    1. There are so many stories! A good friend’s daughter left her husband, a farmer, after a number of years and several children when she found out he was a closet gay and was carrying on with his hired man. So he turned around and married another woman. (Nice to have one around?) It would have paid Wife #2 to have a chat with the ex. And that’s true in a lot of cases — no matter what he says about how insufferable his ex-wife//fiancee/girlfriend was.

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