A Little Member


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. 


First thought:  Lion tamer in a circus. But I don’t know anything about that.

Second:  Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, which is one of my favorites, but I just don’t feel like it today.

Third:  Taming the tongue.  Now, there’s a topic I understand from first-hand experience as well as years of child-rearing, teaching, and counseling.



Hardest thing in the world to tame.  The Bible says, “Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!” (James 3:5)

Can you imagine how much better off we’d be in all our relationships, in government, in world affairs, if everyone would just control his tongue?

Don’t read the comments on news events, because they’re usually full of profanity and personal insults.

Nothing is sacred these days. Sex, all flavors and varieties, is spoken of openly and with great vulgarity. Even personal hygiene is advertised on TV these days, for crying out loud. Honestly?  I don’t want to know that stuff.  There’s a reason for closing the bathroom door when you go in there! 

It seems there are lots of people who don’t know any other adjective but the F-bomb, and they use it as liberally as they use salt on their popcorn.  A simple sentence is bloated by the use of this language, so that, for instance, “We went to the store,” becomes “We blankin’ went to the blankin’ blankin’ store.”  Really?  Are you angry ALL the time, or just when you go to the store? 

Our little tiny tongues have set the world ablaze because we just can’t control them.  To make matters worse, the communication tools of today have made it easy to insult and offend people all around the world in a matter of seconds. 

The American West has been on fire this summer, especially in Montana. Every single one of those fires started with just a spark.  Maybe someone carelessly dropped a still-smoldering cigarette in dry grass. All it takes is a little spark to set thousands of acres to burning. There has been very little rain to damp down the ground, and the sparks find easy tinder when the wind picks up. It’s terrible. People have died, and homes have been destroyed. 

We do the same damage to people’s hearts and minds when we set them on fire with just a few words from an out-of-control tongue. 





4 thoughts on “A Little Member

  1. So so true. The f- bomb thing truly drives me nuts, I have to confess.
    But, the amount of nastiness, sometimes seemingly just for the sake of nastiness, that has been haunting the internet, and life in general of late… I admit to taking long Facebook breaks at times. And am saddened by the number of blogger friends hurt lately by thoughtless trolls. On and on. People have no filter, take no thought. And Christian or not doesn’t seem to matter. It deeply pains me at times.

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    1. Yes, me too. I am thankful that I really haven’t experienced it personally. I love comments, but I’ve made it clear that I will not approve nasty, argumentative comments. Maybe I’ve scared people away


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