Saggy Baggy Skin


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The Baby Boom generation is aging.  I was in the earliest crowd of post-war babies. I was 70 in July.  There are many of us, one of the largest age categories in the USA right now.  Maybe that’s why we’re seeing so many ads about creams and all other sorts of remedies for sagging jowls, under-eye bags, and crepey skin.

Baby skin is so beautiful, especially as the baby begins to plump up. Soft, smooth, elastic. So touchable, and those little cheeks just beg to be kissed. If you push on those chubby legs and arms, the skin comes right back and shows no sign of being touched.

We manage to keep that healthy skin for a good long while, and I’m sure there are others, like me, who didn’t even think about what would happen to our skin as we aged, and especially as we developed the scourge of our generation, Type II Diabetes.  Your skin dries out from your head to your feet. And dry means it doesn’t spring back. The elasticity is gone, The saggy baggy elephant has come to stay.


Remember that little storybook?  The little elephant didn’t know what kind of animal he was, and he was afraid his wrinkly skin made him look old. I read that book to my kids over and over again.  It never lost its charm.

I’m not so charmed now.

So now, probably too late, I try to take the time to slather up with lotion that smells nice and keeps my skin hydrated. Not trying to look younger, especially.  I just don’t want the saggy baggy parts to drag on the ground behind me when I move 🙂

Gold Bond has a whole new skin care line for people like me. I suspect it’s selling like hot cakes. Cream for turkey wattle necks; for bumpy arm and chest skin; for hydration, especially for Type II Diabetics.  Lots of choices, something for every body part.

I’d think it was hilarious if I weren’t so tempted to buy every single product  🙂



The picture on the right is supposedly the same woman as the left, only after she’d been using some magical product.  We can dream, can’t we?

Anyway, if we’re old, we’re old. Still searching for that elusive Fountain of Youth, when we could just be enjoying our grandchildren 🙂

5 thoughts on “Saggy Baggy Skin

  1. I feel I should say something. I am one of the baby boomers. At school we were 47 in the class, so it was the survival of the fittest. I have my diabetes Type 2, but must be one of the lucky ones as I have absolutely no skin problems, so Mr. Swiss tells me. I have never used skin cream. I must be the exception, although to compensate I have a few other problems which I would rather not have. Come to think of it, I would rather have wrinkles. 🙂

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