You’re Kidding!


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Was it just a coincidence that four other women besides me bought the exact same dress for Easter Sunday?


Image result for five women wearing the same dress

Nope. There was only one decent store in town that carried women’s dresses.  No coincidence–just limited choice.

And I had no idea there was a play about us 🙂

Was it a coincidence that my son and I met up in London with people my parents had known  years and years earlier when the men were both students in a Bible college in the Midwest?  Well, that one’s not so easy to explain away. Over the years, the couples had lost contact. Dad became a pastor, the other man, Ray became a missionary in South America. The only reason we made contact is that my son was wearing a sweatshirt with a Minnesota logo, and the couple opened a conversation with him.

What makes this so surprising is that I lived in Pennsylvania; my son was in college in South Carolina; Ray and his wife were on a world tour to celebrate their retirement, the tour being funded by their children.  We just happened to decide to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace on the same morning.

Yes, I think that was a coincidence.  Some might call it a Divine Appointment, and I’m not going to argue with that 🙂

We all have stories of unexpected happenings, meetings, and so on. They’re usually fun stories, with happy endings.  Something to tuck away in one’s memory, or take pictures and put them in a scrapbook.

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