The Blue Earth


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Image result for Earth from outer space

I’ve been fascinated  with photos of our planet ever since the first satellites and space rockets began taking pictures. So a beautiful home God has provided for us. So many wonders in this world that I would love to see. But I have to scale down my bucket list, because there isn’t enough time for me to see all the sights. So I’m learning to enjoy the micro-creation instead.

Like this little green guy:

Image result for Praying mantis

I’ve seen three of them up close a personal in the past week, which seems like some kind of record for me.  I can’t say that I’m a great fan of bugs and spiders, but this one does hold my interest. Capable of looking like a leaf, especially if you’re an uneducated insect who doesn’t know he’s about to be lunch, this creature can hold totally still for long periods of time. And sometimes, he folds those goofy- looking front legs to look as if he’s praying.

Did you know this guy is related to the cockroach?  Hmm.  Maybe I’m not so fascinated with him after all!


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