Revisionist History


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One word, two distinct meanings. On meaning is to rest, relax, restore. It’s pronounced  like you would say  wreck-create. 

The other meaning is to make again, as to ree-create  American history. Another word for that is to revise American history to conform to one’s own political viewpoint.

They are tearing down statues, rewriting history books, putting the whole emphasis on what this country has done wrong.

What puzzles me, as one looks at the whole panorama of the history of the world, is why these people are so focused on the destruction of America when, in truth, there is nothing new under the sun.Since time began, the history of mankind has been one people- group rising up against another, displacing the weaker group geographically if not destroying the very existence of  that group.

This pattern of growth, monopoly, attack by a stronger nation, destruction/assimilation/displacement, has been going on roughly since people tried to build a tower thatwould reach to God in heaven, and God said “No!”  And he confounded (confused) people’s ability to understand each other’s speech, separating them into groups that shared the same language and beginning the formation of nations.


Huge leap forward in time, to the era of discovery and trade via sailing ships that would eventually circle the globe.  Europeans began the overwhelming task of  living in the New World, where Native Americans (I’m including the entirety of the New World here, not just the USA)  had been consistently warring against each other, cutting out human hearts in sacrifice to their gods, pushing each other around geographically, killing each other off.

Revisionist historians don’t tell us much about that. They like to start at the point at which the first European stepped onto the shores of the New World and enslaved, lied, cheated, and brought disease to the innocent, loving, peaceful natives. The message that comes through clearly is that white Europeans are responsible for all the evils of the world.

We don’t hear much about how the Native Americans enslaved each other; nor do we hear much about how African tribes and nations were the first to capture and sell off other African people to the slave traders of this new age of exploration.

It doesn’t matter who captured and sold and enslaved whom–what matters is that slavery has always existed, and it has always been horrible.  Romans enslaved Greeks. Many, many of the earliest Christians were slaves in the households of the Romans and the Greeks.

The European settlers of the New World did not create slavery. They were wrong to employ slavery, and I’m not defending the practice of slavery wherever it exists.  I’m beyond thankful that slavery no longer exists in America.

Oh. Wait. Yes, it does. Sex trafficking is slavery, isn’t it?  Helpless women and children taken against their will and forced into a life that you and I can’t even imagine?  That’s slavery.  Why don’t the revisionists who yell and scream about how horrible America is  have some rallies and violence against THAT slavery?

Maybe it’s because Mr. Soros and his ilk have no interest in spending their money on something that simply doesn’t matter to them.

It’s all about power, people.  It’s about power and money and the imposition of so-called progressivism  on the greatest nation in history, that has offered more opportunity for success to more people than any other nation in the world, ever.

Alexis de Tocqueville said,

“America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

It doesn’t surprise me at all that as I was searching for the exact quote and spelling, I ran across several  claims that he never said it, that it is now being referred to as “The deTocqueville Fraud.”

Nothing is sacred to those who hate my country.  Nothing is as my generation learned it about American history. The revisionists, the recreators, they know the truth.  They have created a whole new history, and they’re managing to pass it off to our children and grandchildren as the ONLY truth.

It is interesting that while they attack true American history, they also attack the Bible, Christianity, and God Himself.

We need to think about that.

5 thoughts on “Revisionist History

  1. I guess there just are different and opposing viewpoints. I recently read a blog post from a black woman who wants to see a statue in her TN town torn down because it’s a statue to honor the confederacy — which represented and fought for the enslavement of blacks. I’m not one for tearing down things, but I can see her point. Her opponents say, “It’s history.”

    When I told my husband about this, he told me some group wants to blot out from our history mentions of John A MacDonald, Canada’s first Prime Minster — also referred to as The Father of Confederation. I haven’t heard the reasoning behind this. My thought: Oh, brother! This can get ridiculous.

    I agree with your thoughts here. I detest violence but it is entwined in the history of all men everywhere. Read the Old Testament! As I mentioned on my blog not long ago, native tribes did fight with and slaughter each other before the white man came, which is why we have the story of “Old Wives Lake.” The way our white ancestors treated the natives was deplorable but the basic culture clash was unavoidable.

    If we stare at an issue long enough we become myopic. And not only do we become myopic and more indignant, we become every bit as prejudiced against the bigots and their offspring as they were. But justice is on OUR side. And as you say, with everybody pointing to the faults of previous generations we ignore the abuse we could do something about.

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    1. I’d really like to ask the people who want to destroy all memory of our entire history that they find offensive, “So, after every statue you don’t like comes down, how is your life better on a daily basis? All you’ve done is remove visual reminders of a period of our history that doesn’t shine. Let’s talk about the factories in the North that literally owned their workers, hiring them for pennies, forcing them to live in dormitories. Not much better than slavery, and they worked little kids to the bone, as well.” I think it’s time we focused on now, and not then. We can’t change then.


      1. One thought that came to mind after I left my comment is that we need to bear patiently with those who fuss about what they feel is an injustice. Many people fussing in times past did work wonderful changes in society — often because they did get busy and do what they could. Harriet Beecher Stowe and William Wilberforce, Elizabeth Fry and Florence Nightingale, William and Catherine Booth, Dr Thomas Barnardo, David Livingston, to name just a few.

        These people effected changes in society because of the Christian principles they believed in. They took Jesus’ words literally and gave the cup of cold water in his name. If modern society negates Christianity, claiming its adherents have been bigots and responsible for abuses, then what explains the actions of these folks? More particularly, where will future reformers come from? Without a guiding Light man is inclined to self-centredness no matter what he thinks he believes.

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      2. I agree. The difference is that those who are calling “abuse” to our history today are willing to destroy, riot, vandalize, loot, and create misery wherever they go. And there is overwhelming evidence that they are being funded by George Soros, who has no good intentions whatsoever toward America. The people you’re talking about reached out to help. These people today are reaching out to destroy.


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