What I Like


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. 


From the French pencher, the word means leaning or inclining. We have come to use it as having an inclination toward. 

I have a penchant toward chocolate.  And new babies. One of my clients brought her one-month old little boy to see me yesterday.  I held him throughout our session. I have a strong penchant for the warm, fuzzy head of a small baby  to be right in the curve of my neck.

I do NOT have a penchant toward snakes.  Or alligators.  I saw video of alligators wandering around Miami.

Image result for alligators wandering in Miami

Don’t much like centipedes, either. Nightmare stuff.

But chocolate? Oh yes. and good coffee, good tea, fresh bread with real butter–you know, life is really pretty good. We don’t see many alligators up here in PA 🙂




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