Mistakes Were Made


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Disobey?  Really?  I didn’t think anyone did that any more. We don’t disobey.  We don’t SIN. We just make mistakes, or poor choices. We don’t need consequences, or discipline, or above all, punishment. We just need to be redirected.



Sin, obedience, consequences, discipline–all these things have become part of political incorrectness.  Why?  Well, because all people are basically good, you know?  We all have good hearts, so if we slip up a little here and there it’s not big deal–we just made a little mistake.

That’s what Bill Clinton said in his “apology” in the Rose Garden. “Mistakes were made.”  I’d have had a lot more respect for him if he’d said, “I have sinned.  I have done wrong.” But no, he didn’t even have the sense to use active voice. He chose passive voice instead because it left us wondering who made those mistakes.

If we’re to believe the scuttlebutt from even the left-supporting media, Clinton is still making “mistakes.”

What’s so amazing to me is that when Vice-President Pence outlined his personal rules regarding being alone with any woman other than his wife, he was reviled and accused of being sexist and mysogynistic.  For protecting his and his wife’s reputation.  I think he’d have been received more warmly if he’d said, “Oops. A little mistake was made.”





5 thoughts on “Mistakes Were Made

  1. Honestly when I read your post, i thought; this is a disaster! If the world is going that way.
    But then i really become very happy because i can see the light on the horizon! 🙂
    your post means the existence of goodness. I can see that some people are still believing that truth is not relative!
    Thanks for sharing, I really like it.

    Liked by 1 person

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