A Vignette


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“Have you no sympathy at all?” demanded Elena.  “Can’t you see how much she is suffering?  No one should have to die like that!”

Robert shrugged. “No, Elena, I have no sympathy for her.  I feel nothing at all for her. She destroyed whatever emotion I may have had for her as a child. There is nothing left. Nothing at all.”


Sympathy:  To feel with another person, to share their pain, to regret what they are experiencing.

Apathy:  Complete lack of emotion, not even hatred or disgust.  No feeling at all.







3 thoughts on “A Vignette

  1. Moon

    I wish people could forgive more easily rather than nurturing grudges against each other. So true, ‘ no one should have to die like that.’
    I loved how your illustration of the word, Linda.

    Liked by 1 person

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