Nearly There

“C’mon, Old Scout?  See the  tracks? We’re nearly there. Just over that rise where the sun is fixin’ to set.

“Nah, c’mon, don’t go all ornery on me now!  I’ll yank yer tail, ya flop-eared mule! There. That’s better.  You ‘n me, we come too far together to fuss.

“We’ll get to the base of the rise, where there’s a cool spring. We’ll make camp, and you’ll git  yer feed. We’ll sleep, and tomorrow we’ll cross over and be in the land where gold sits on the path, just waitin’ to be picked up.

“C’mon, Old Scout. Nearly there.”



41 thoughts on “Nearly There

    1. Well, of course we know the story didn’t end like his visions. Very few of those old 49er’s actually found their golden dreams. But, if you can believe the stories, they continued to look, and wander, because that’s what they liked to do.

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  1. Moon

    I admire his resolve to keep old scout’s spirits marching . At times, I talk my 6 year old daughter to hang on , just like this, when we are really tired and the destination is still reasonably far. The gold hunt etc.makes it a even more interesting story . Love the dialect you have used . Wonderful story of hope, strength , courage,love and determination. Loved it 💕

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    1. Thanks, Moon. This one is drawing a mix of responses so far–poor old guy, never going to find his dream to “good for him–he doesn’t quit.” In America, during the Gold Rush of 1849, these men became folk heroes for their tenacity.


      1. Moon

        I can sense your disappointment , but now I can see your story in better light, with that historical background. Thanks. That they were willing to sacrifice their all for their mission is a dream in itself.

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  2. marvel

    very well-written granon, you can go in many directions. For me, it is a loving coaching, encouragement and inspiration. The goal is always the journey, because life is a journey. No matter if you are traveling or have found a home.

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