Limited and Unlimited


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Growing up, as I did, under the steady and  loving teachings of the Bible, one learns early the difference between finite and infinite.  Replace those two words with limited and unlimited and you have a working definition.
God is without limits. Creator, Designer, Giver of life, Master Technician, Musician, Artist, Writer, Scientist, Mathematician–the list is endless.  Perhaps the most important thing for us is that He is the Provider of salvation through Jesus Christ.
Man, on the other hand, is limited. We have amazing capabilities, great intelligence, curiosity, giftedness–but in the last couple of years I have certainly learned to understand more clearly the limitations of this incredibly-designed human body with its limits and its capacities. I have learned that pain creates limits. I have also learned that pain is a warning flag, a sign that something is wrong and needs attention. I have learned that chronic pain drains one’s  energy and even one’s capacity for enjoyment of things I used to take for granted, like going for a long walk.
We are limited by the facts of aging, deterioration, and death–all brought about by the sin that inhabits and inhibits our fallen world. And yet, there is redemption. There is hope. God’s love for us is infinite. His provision of forgiveness and salvation is infinite, limited only by our own prideful refusal to recognize that we need it.
You know, there are lots of times that I really don’t know where the prompt is going to take me until I start to write.  I didn’t know it was going to take me where it did this morning.
I think that because of the work I do, seeing people every day who are broken, hurting, and seeking answers, I am more aware than ever before of the mercy, grace, and deep love of God.  And I am thankful.

3 thoughts on “Limited and Unlimited

  1. God’s knowledge, wisdom and might are infinite!
    When I read your post, I remembered the story of prophet Ibrahim ( Abraham) with one of the kings lived at his time. The king thought he got infinite power and started arguing the existence of God. Prophet Ibrahim said “ My Lord is He who gives life and causes death.” Unsurprisingly, the king responded within his finite power which he thought infinite and ordered to bring two prisoners; he gave his orders to release one and kill the other. He did not understood that Prophet Ibrahim was referring to the creation of life and death ( the infinite might of the Creator the Everlasting). When Prophet Ibrahim saw how the king’s thought is so limited, he gave him though a conclusive proof but also a simple one to help him get the point within his finite abilities; “ verily Allah causes the sun to rise from the east, then causes it to rise from the west!” The king could not answer that!

    Sorry for my long comment but just want to share it with you.

    Thanks for sharing and kind regards,


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