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Here’s an interesting video for you scientific types:




There sure is a lot of cool information on You Tube, but the kind of magnetism I first thought about was the magnetism I observe between people.  I was very aware of that mysterious draw when I first met Terry. There was an instant pull, and neither of us resisted it too much.

Sometimes this same magnetism works between two people who become very good friends. There are some people you just feel drawn toward, and the feeling is often mutual.

So what creates this mysterious pull between two people? There are all kinds of theories, including biological reactions, visual attraction, or even a spiritual connection between two people. There are those who believe in love potions and magic spells. Some would like to reduce it down to simple biology, but that doesn’t explain, then, why a girl who sees dozens of nice guys every day in school is romantically attracted to just one of them, and not the rest.

Have you ever wondered, as you walk through a shopping mall, why an absolutely gorgeous young woman is hanging onto the arm of a skeevy-looking guy?  Surely she could have her pick  of buff, handsome gym rats–but there she is, with a dude who has chains hanging off his baggy, torn, falling-off jeans; whose armpit hair is in plain view; and who seems oblivious  to the Miss Thing who clearly adores him. I doubt her parents as as impressed as she is.

Of course, you see the other side as well. A handsome, neatly dressed guy shepherding a girl who has her tongue split at the end, who is wearing  studs and chains and rings in every conceivable place, and who has colored her hair in stripes  with all the colors of the rainbow.  Really?  I don’t know.  Maybe she’s fun, but I have a hard time getting passed her snaky-looking tongue.

Well.  I don’t think I’ve accomplished anything important here this morning, which is perfectly all right with me.



One thought on “Attraction

  1. Anie Abraxas

    I like your magnetic post very much, granonine, and I also believe that there is such attraction. I am not surprised, however, that these pairs do not fit perfectly in optic. I think the look is, when it comes to such magnetic attraction does not matter. ( but surely, most couples have certainly come together by optics.)
    So when we see such “unequal” couples, we should not think “for God’s sake,” but “what divine happiness.”

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