Long May She Wave!


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I wish I could unfurl Old Glory, my flag, the emblem of the country I love, all over the hateful, lying, revisionist garbage that is being sprayed all over the minds and hearts, especially of young people who have no memory or education about the America I love.

Nikita Kruschev took off his shoe, long ago, in a gesture of contempt. He pounded it on the table, claiming “We will bury you!”

Well, it didn’t happen in his lifetime, but the enemies of my country have never let up.  They have succeeded in turning the minds and hearts of people of all ages into believing that all that is good is bad, and all that is bad is good.

Capitalism, they say, is evil. Socialism is heaven-sent and will cure the ills of the world.  Like in Cuba, Venezuela, and many other countries that have felt the shackles of thought-control and financial ruin under socialist dominance. What they don’t tell you is that the more government gives  you, the more they control you and the more they take from you. No matter how often it has failed around the world, it is still touted as the solver or all the world’s problems.  And Old Glory has become the symbol of evil, oppression, and hatred.

College students are being taught that America is the worst terrorist nation in the world. Strange. If that were true, why do so many countries of the world come to us for help when disaster strikes?  Come to us for medical help they can’t get in their own countries? Come to us for higher education, intending to go back to save their own country but instead staying here to enjoy the comfort of living in America?

America’s  present state of unrest has been building for a long time. Our previous chief executive did a lot to fuel the fires.  We could actually be at the brink of a devastating civil war that is being fueled and financed by people like George Sorros, who hates all that America stands for.

Well.  You know, I don’t usually do a post of this nature because I know very well that it could invite ugly, profane, vulgar responses. And people who don’t agree won’t read it anyway, so I’m preaching to the choir. Much to my own surprise, this is the second time this week I’ve dipped my toe into the filthy waters of politics.

I think it will be the last. At least for a while.