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There is a popular brand of ice cream that touts itself as the best, natural flavors, no artificial ingredients, etc. I don’t like it. The texture is grainy, and I like my ice cream smooth. They did put out a different line recently, though, and I have to admit it’s pretty delicious.  Smooth, rich, and totally satisfying.

I don’t really care much for small pieces of nuts in my ice cream, like in pistachio.  I like the flavor, but the nuts make it gritty.  Grainy.

Isn’t it interesting how textures of food make such a difference in how we perceive them? Lots of people really dislike pulp in their orange juice. I love it.  Makes it seem more like fresh-squeezed.

I don’t get too excited about granola-type cereals, because it’s like chewing a mouthful of seeds.  Not my thing.  Oatmeal, cooked until it’s nearly smooth, is much better. Add some brown sugar and raisins, and you’ve got yourself a great breakfast.

Here’s a grainy photograph. Sometimes the photographer does it on purpose, for a particular effect:

Image result for grainy


Changing direction:  Wood that is of inferior quality is often too grainy, with no real beauty.  We use words like coarse-grained and rough-hewn to describe it.  Sometimes we apply those same words to people who tend to be abrasive, even crude.

Anything that is supposed to be smooth but has particulate in it, like lumpy gravy, is unappealing.  Took me awhile to master the gravy thing, but I’ve got it now. Always smooth, and I don’t even use my Tupperware doo-dad any more to shake the flour and water together. I do it the way my grandmothers did it.

Words are so interesting. One word, like grainy, can have so many different applications. I love words 🙂


15 thoughts on “Texture

      1. Maybe. The post “Texture” was a response to the Daily Prompt. Not sure what Word Press Challenge you’re referring to–is there a challenge I’ve missed?


  1. I noticed you disabled your comments on your latest post — and I don’t blame you at all. 🙂
    I’m sorry to read the news and see the woes, all the ugly currents stirring down there. You’re right; it’s been coming for a long time.

    Some of your enemies may target America for their vicious propaganda, but I think it’s rooted in the upside-down times we’re in where all law and order is challenged, all that was once good is being portrayed as restrictive, oppressive, etc. One example I tried to point out in my latest blog post: when emaciated survivors came out of Auschwitz the world was horrified. Now it’s “The Look” girls are dying to achieve.

    Though I’m not American I am with you in deploring this reversal of common sense that worked well for centuries.

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    1. I had no desire to get into debates, nor to see all kinds of ugliness I would have to send to the trash. I appreciate your understanding. My heart breaks for my country. I’m no Trump worshipper, but I do believe he’s been completely misrepresented in this most recent mess in West Virginia. He made it clear that he has no tolerance for ANY of the ugliness, but you can’t please all the people all the time. And you can’t please some of the people ANY of the time.


      1. We’ve been through this situation in Canada — even you folks in the States likely got some winds of it.

        The English language press has been anti everything from Quebec even since the French-speaking majority took over running the province in the 50s and English influence was drastically reduced. When we lived there, during the time of the Referendum, in the English-language papers across Canada every decision made by the Quebec govt with regard to language was portrayed in the worst light.

        People in western Canada knew exactly how the Quebecois think — not because they’ve ever been there or knew any, but because the English press has fed them a steady diet of “This is what Quebec is up to now. They want to separate, they want this they want that.” If the French-language press had responded in kind, we could well have had a civil war — which is what the English-language media wanted. Then the English would be dominant in Quebec again.

        Thankfully common sense prevailed and our crisis blew over. I don’t follow US news much but, from what little I hear, this seems to be what’s happening in the States. The Press are doing their level best to bring public pressure to bear against Trump because they hate what he stands for. Truth went out the window long ago. Now we wait to see if they will actually be able to control and direct the forces and feelings being unleashed.

        A person prays that common sense will soon prevail, but Jesus gives us this precious promise, “I will be with you to the end of the world.”

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      2. I do remember being aware of the situation you describe, although I didn’t fully understand it. What’s going on here, I understand very well. Obama and the so-called Deep State are working hard to have Trump impeached. What I’m wondering is if they’re going for the whole admin, including Pence. They wouldn’t want him, either. He’s an outspoken Christian, and they hate Christianity. Thing is, if they win, America is lost. This is pretty serious stuff. And if America falls to Obama and his crew, or to the Clinton machine, the whole world will feel the effects of it. It won’t be pretty. I think the most frustrating part of all this is the wimpy Republicans who are loyal only to the Good Ol’ Boy network that has been in charge In Washington D.C for decades. They like their comfy positions, and they DON’T like Trump’s determination to cut spending, roll back Obamacare, and “drain the swamp.”

        You are correct when you say that Jesus is the answer, no matter what the outcome. I have peace for my personal future, but I’m having a little trouble finding that place concerning my kids and grandkids. America won’t be a friendly place for born-again believers.


      3. Although I’m not totally up with the scene, we have been reading Canadian newsman Conrad Black’s take on things and his conclusion would be quite much in line with yours. He feels the conflict in the States is between the “moral right” and the total-acceptance academia & media — who hate Trump because he doesn’t support their philosophies.

        None of wants to face them, or see our children fact them, but we see in history that tough times refine and unite believers.

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