Vive la Difference!


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I’m not a neat freak.  There is no OCD in my DNA 🙂  I do, however, like things to be orderly and organized so I don’t have to search through messy cabinets, drawers, and files to find what I need.  I know where my stuff is.

My mom thought it was hilarious that I organized my herbs and spices alphabetically.  I don’t understand why everyone else doesn’t do it. My search time for any particular thing is .01 seconds.  My mom, on the other hand, had to do some digging.  She always knew right were she had put it, but things tended to go topsy turvy on her.  I like it the way I do it.  She liked it the way she did it. Vive la difference!

My clothes hang in color groups in my closet.  My drawers are organized –lingerie, socks, sweaters, tees–everything has a place and is usually IN its place.

I live, however, with a man who has ADD (seriously, he really does) and can’t stay organized to save his life. When he (frequently) can’t find something, I’ll think for a few minutes and ask him, for instance, “Did you check in the pocket of the shirt you wore yesterday?”  It’s like playing 20 questions–is it animal, vegetable, or mineral?  I can usually figure it out in a few minutes while he’s ransacking the whole house and finding dust bunnies, but not the item he needs. He always makes me think of the Family Circus cartoons in which Billy covers miles and miles  before he gets from the house to the school bus or whatever.


Terry’s gifts, however, far outweigh his tendency to follow Billy’s meandering paths.  There’s nothing he can’t fix.  If he doesn’t know how, he looks it up on You Tube.  It’s amazing what you can learn on You Tube!  Especially since Terry is not particularly fond of the computer,  it surprises me that he has become quite expert at finding what he needs. And, as is typical of people with ADD, he can focus intently on whatever he’s doing, to the point of my needing a pair of cymbals to clash over his head to bring him back to earth. When he’s on a project, he can go all day without eating and never realize how many hours have gone by. He’s a detail person and a perfectionist when he has a project.  It will be done right, no question about it.

He loves to work. My idea of relaxing involves music, books, tea, and chocolate.  His idea of relaxing involves  taking apart  the blender or whatever isn’t working and fixing it.

The only place I tend to allow to become messy is all that surrounds my chair in the living room.  Books, handwork, remotes, coffee cups, my own projects–yes, it’s often quite a mess.

But I know right where everything is.





2 thoughts on “Vive la Difference!

  1. Good article and good for you to have everything organized! I would like to…. In fact, though, I’m more like Terry in terms of order, but not hyperactive, sad to say. 🙂

    I was talking with my husband about that saying, “A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind.” Really, a clean desk is the sign of someone who is organized and can find the thing they are looking for. Like you and your spices. My husband, in self-defense maybe, points out the danger of the “neat freak” ditch. We’re like that; seeing the danger of one ditch we tend to fall into the other one.

    I remember those Family Circus comics where he traipses all over town going from Point A to Point B. 🙂

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