What is It?


Time:  Prehistory

“Father,  what is this?”

“It is a god-stone, sent to remind us that the gods are watching. Do not touch it. Always respect it”


Time:  the Present

“Hey, Dad!  What’s this?” asked Billy as he climbed all over it.

“It’s probably a meteorite, Son. It’s what’s left of a meteor as it comes through our atmosphere.”

“Cool.  Just a big space rock, then. Really old, I’ll bet!”


Time: Long after the nuclear holocaust that sent people underground. 

“Father, what is this?”

Father was entranced with the sky he’d never seen before. “A skystone. Don’t touch.”



48 thoughts on “What is It?

    1. I didn’t mean it to be prophetic, just entertaining. However, the more I thought about it, the more my thought were influenced by the biblical prediction in 2 Peter 3:7, 2 Peter 3:10-12 that the heavens and the earth will melt with a fervent heat. Sounds nuclear to me. But honestly, not trying to be prophetic 🙂

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      1. I don’t think so. There are other places in the Bible that refer similarly to the end of the planet as we know it. We just aren’t told what the source of the heat will be. I suspect the people of Peter’s day would have had no idea what “nuclear” meant 🙂

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      2. I tend to agree with you, Christine. It’s one of those things we really don’t know, and will have to wait and see. Speculation is just that, nothing more.


  1. gahlearner

    I love it for its uniqueness and the full circle, but what really got to me was the father in #3 who had never seen the sky. Can you imagine the wonder? Let’s hope we’ll never get to that point…

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    1. Well now, that’s an interesting question. I think the answer lies in the fact that it has been in the heart of man since the very beginning to hurt, kill, and destroy. That’s what history is all about–man’s inhumanity to man.


  2. Dear Linda,

    I like the cycles and the changing POV of the same rock. Masterfully done. I’m not so sure that God won’t allow us to destroy ourselves. It’s amazing, if not frightening, to see how the scriptures are being fulfilled by our own hands.



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    1. Rochelle, I am so fascinated with events in the Middle East in relation to end-times prophecy. I’m blogging through the book of Isaiah on my Bible study blog. Learning every single day. I don’t know how that “fervent Heat” is going to happen–could be earthquakes, volcanoes–or the hand of God.

      Thanks so much for your encouragement.


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