Walking Around


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. 


To amble is to walk, from the Latin ambulare.  What I didn’t know is that it originally was applied to the gait of a horse. So does that mean that if you’re ambling, you’re walking like a horse?

I hope not 🙂  Today, we tend to think of it more as just leisurely making our way down a sidewalk, a country lane, or a beautiful beach.  We’re enjoying the weather and the scenery, and we’re not in a rush.

What about the word perambulator? It’s not a word that we hear much these days.  It was first widely used  around 1856, and I always think of a proper British nurse or nanny pushing a rather fancy baby carriage.

Widely referred to simply as a pram,  it was a familiar sight in parks or on walking paths.

Per is a prefix meaning around or through, so one can easily see why it was attached to ambulate. 

These carriages were called baby buggies when I was a kid.  Remember trying to say rubber baby buggy bumpers  five times, really fast?


We lived in a neighborhood in Minneapolis in which you could always see a busy mom pushing a buggy from here to there, sometimes with one or two older children hanging on to her pockets or the handle of the buggy.

I had a little pink toy buggy when I was pretty young.  I dressed up my dolls, put them in the buggy, covered them up with whatever blanket I had, and took them for walks when the weather was good.  I talked to them, and of course they smiled and cooed and gurgled back at me.  I had quite a vivid imagination 🙂 Mine was similar to this, but it was pink, and the sun shade was flexible plastic that folded up or down.


Today we call these baby carriages strollers. Forty-eight years ago, they were simple affairs.



Today, the simple stroller has morphed into a multi-purpose piece of furniture:


It does just about everything but teach the baby to talk.

And finally, I’ve seen a picture of my husband in one that was just like this:

He would have been about two years old, so we’re looking  at 72 years ago, maybe 1945.

I hope you enjoyed my perambulation down memory lane 🙂


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