The Versatile Toothbrush


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A toothbrush is an amazingly versatile tool.  Terry has several in his many tool boxes. They come in handy for all sorts of jobs that have nothing to do with teeth. Here’s just one of dozens of internet articles on the uses for your old toothbrushes:

It even has pictures to show you exactly what to do  🙂

See those toothbrushes in this guy’s tool kit?  Yup.  That’s probably Terry.


One of my sons, who shall remain nameless, must have been paying close attention to his daddy talking about using a toothbrush to clean up something disgusting.  I walked in on him one day, industriously scrubbing at the bottom of his shoes  with MY toothbrush!  Using the water in the toilet.  I guess I should be thankful he didn’t immerse the shoes.

So what did people use before someone invented the toothbrush?  A quick search tells me that often, they just scrubbed a cloth across their teeth.  Other implement included a twig used as a brush, or sometimes plants and twigs were chewed for flavor and a fresh, minty breath   🙂

Things like salt, chalk, and baking soda have been used to clean the teeth.

People also used forms of toothpaste that they made out of ingredients you probably wouldn’t want to put in your mouth.

Sometimes a powder was made of the ashes of ox hooves and burned eggshells. The ancient Greeks and Romans used materials such as crushed oyster shells and bones.

Now, aren’t you glad you live in the present and not in the good old days?


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