Stinky Socks, but not Roses


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It is true that we often don’t value something until we lose it.  I’ve lost quite a bit of my sense of smell over the years, due to many sinus infections and medications.  I really miss it.

I’ve always loved the smell of bread baking.  Smells funny to me now.  Bacon frying used to beckon me like a magnet.  Now it smells off, like maybe it’s rancid.

I’ve always loved the smell of the earth after a good, soaking rain. Can’t smell it any more. To smell flowers, I have to get my nose right up into the blossom. So sad.

Image result for lady with her nose in a rose

Fragrance is a positive smell; odor, not so much.  I have a perfume that I’ve enjoyed for years. Terry tells me it smells just the same as always (he likes it, too), but to me there’s not much smell to it at all.

There are some things I can still smell.  A moldy, mildewed basement; skunk;  something burning.   Body odor.

Isn’t that strange?  I’ve lost so many of the wonderful aromas of life, but I can still smell stinky socks.  Or bathrooms.  I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of moral to be applied, but I can’t figure out what it is.

I’m just sad that my sniffer doesn’t sniff as well as it used to.


One thought on “Stinky Socks, but not Roses

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