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When my oldest son was just crawling, he could cover an amazing amount of territory in very little time.  Keeping an eye on him was  an every-waking-moment task.

One of the reasons for my efforts to follow his trail was that he seemed to believe that every single thing he found on his journeys was edible. It didn’t matter what it was, it went into his mouth. And he was fast. He seemed to be keeping an eye on MY whereabouts, and when he saw me coming he’d swallow whatever he had in his mouth, and sit there grinning at me.

Image result for baby crawling in the grass

(This is not my child,  but it COULD have been.  I think he’s eating the grass!)

One fine summer morning, I had taken him outdoors just to enjoy the weather. We stayed in the yard, and he was quickly scooting off to see what he could see. I watched him absently, my eyes on him and on the book I was reading. He was never out of sight, but he was out of immediate reach.  Good thing I could move fast back then.

He’d been sitting still, which was always a signal that something was up. Then I watched as he reached out with his chubby little hand and grabbed something I couldn’t see. Yup, you’ve got it.  Whatever he had in his hand went immediately to his mouth.

“Michael!  No!  No!” I hollered as I ran to pick him up. He turned to grin at me, and something black and slightly curved was hanging from is lower lip. When I picked him up, I could see it was a small black worm of some kind.  So I had to stick my fingers in his tightly closed mouth as he turned his head this way and that way to keep me from getting access to his little snack.  His mouth was FULL of these icky black worms.  Gah. Ugh. I think I got most of them, but it’s possible he managed to swallow one or two before I could reach him.

I decided it was time to go back indoors.



3 thoughts on “Worms

  1. Michael reminds me of Max when he was a puppy. Every walk was a moveable feast – cigarette butts, toads, a smushed snake, which I refused to pull from his mouth.

    Your story also reminds me of the time my sister had to extract carpenter ant pieces from between her two-year-old son’s teeth. Glad I had a girl.

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