A Quiet Corner


A Quiet Corner

Audra loved her old house with its nooks and corners and hiding places. She claimed one room for her own, a quiet place for retreat and peace when she needed it. The window looked out over the back yard flower gardens, and gave her hours of pleasure in their season.

She kept a glass jar near the window.  Early on, she had thoughtlessly crumpled a small piece of aluminum foil and tossed it into the jar. And then another and another, until it was full.

Why? She liked the glitter. It pleased her.



43 thoughts on “A Quiet Corner

  1. A Writer's Beginning

    Nice interpretation of the prompt! I love the explanation there; it’s so simple. Why do we need to explain why we do things? We like them because they look nice, and because they glitter 🙂

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  2. Linda, I looked forward to a story like this and you delivered. I like the name — Audra. Perfect! Suits the prompt well. Yeah, I can see the reasoning with the foil. No need for logic to get in the way of beauty, right? Right!

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