Yummy Capers!


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This is a word you don’t hear much today when it refers to people–usually children–playing, running, jumping and so on. Kind of old-fashioned to say “The children were capering all about, having a wonderful time.”

It also has a connotation of criminality when referencing a robbery, for instance, that was well-planned.  “So, youse guys all in wit’ me on dis here caper?”

My favorite way to use the word is culinary. I didn’t know what capers were until I was planning to use a recipe that called for them.


I had to look them up so I’d know where to find them in the grocery store 🙂 You can read all about them here.

I like the flavor.  Pungent, a bit salty, they add a nice punch to many recipes.  And the good news is that they’re a healthy ingredient.  You don’t have to feel guilty about eating them 🙂

And now I feel like trying out one of those recipes I saw on the site in the link 🙂


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