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Pluck is another one of those funny words that, when you say it over and over, will get you giggling.  Why?  I don’t know.  It just does 🙂

And here’s something I didn’t know:  One of its definitions is the heart, liver, and  lungs of an animal for food.

Huh.  Well, it used to be that people thought courage and stamina came from the liver, so maybe that’s why we say that a courageous person has a lot of pluck.  In any case, I don’t expect some critter’s heart, liver, and lungs will become part of our daily diet in this household.

You can also pluck the strings of an instrument with your fingers or with a little doodad called a plectrum. We’re more likely to call it a pick. 


Or you can pluck a duck.  You could pluck a chicken, but I like “pluck a duck” better because, you know, it rhymes.

Or, if you’re willing to tolerate the pain, you can pluck your eyebrows.  Isn’t it funny how fashion changes?  Sometimes beauty is a thin little line of brow, other times it’s more full and carefully shaped.


This is a 1930’s glamour girl.  We like eyebrows more full today.


And now I have to pluck up my courage and get ready for work. Farewell.

4 thoughts on “Plucking

  1. Pluck has made it’s way into this household. I’ve been putting 4 ounces of chicken livers into every batch of food for the friends. Early Monday morning I put a frozen cow heart in my crockpot (first time cooking a heart) and it didn’t even begin to become tender until Tuesday afternoon. Tough, hard-working muscle that heart.

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      1. After it sat in it’s juices in the fridge overnight, it was fall-apart tender. And the friends seemed to think it was very delicious. I, personally, wouldn’t know.

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