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Sail a boat. Trim the sails. Billowing sails. Limp sails. Sail away. Sail the seven seas. Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main. . . Gone to be a sailor. .

It’s endless, really.  Today, here in my corner of Pennsylvania, there’s a lovely breeze.  It must be more of a wind, higher up, because clouds are sailing through the blue skies pretty quickly.

I’ve never been in a sailboat.  Always thought it looked like so much fun.

My dad, who was in submarines in WWII, loved pictures like this:

Image result for many sailboats on the ocean

There’s something about a vessel like this in full sail that stirs the blood and the imagination.

So as you sail off to your various gatherings and events today, I wish you all a wonderful Fourth of July, America’s celebration of our Independence from England, our long-time friend and ally.  Have a great time; eat great food; be with great people; give thanks to the great God Who created it all!

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