Always in a Hurry


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I wonder, are we going to dash as madly through July as we did through June?  I mean, I just barely got my summer clothes switched out for my winter things,  and here we are in July already!

Slow down, Time!

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24 thoughts on “Always in a Hurry

    1. Lucky you! I wouldn’t really call it a struggle, though, unless you have lots and lots of clothes 🙂 It’s just part of normal life here in my corner of Pennsylvania 🙂

      1. I can understand that. I was always so excited for the first snow of the season. And Christmas just wouldn’t feel like Christmas without snow.

  1. I’m with you. Slow down, time. The wrens and robins are singing their hearts out every morning now and the dawn cracks at 3am, but all too soon the birds will be gone, the trees bare, and first light at 8:30am. 😦

  2. When I saw the prompt I thought of the 100 yard dash – which I used to run – and a dash of Tabasco – which I put in my mac and cheese. Didn’t even think about time dashing but it sure does. The older I get, the faster it gets.

  3. Times does seem to fly these days. Funny, but when I was a child, I couldn’t get it to go fast enough. 🙂 Now, I would love to have a certanin amount of control over it!

  4. The good thing about living in Hawaii, is we don’t have to change the closet from winter to summer. But, sometimes, I think that makes the time fly by even faster. We don’t have that transition of the season like I did growing up in Nebraska. It can be summer one day and then Christmas the next! I find myself thinking, “is it really Christmas? I’m wearing flip flops still!” I guess I can’t get the midwestern mentality out of me that it should be snowing in December! ha

    1. I understand. Grew up in the midwest, moved to eastern PA. Sometimes we get snow at Christmas, but sometimes it rains; sometimes it’s just a beautiful fall day. You never know!

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