The Train of Life


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Do you ever have a sense of just being a passenger on a fast-moving train of life?  Sometimes you get to be the one who decides which track the train will follow, but most of the time you go wherever the train takes you.

I’ve reached an age at which the track behind me is much longer than the track in  front of me. I’m not being dolorous here, believe me. I’ve had a great ride, with many side adventures and wonderful events to populate my mental scrapbook of memories.

I look forward to more exciting days ahead:  Becoming a great-grandmother, maybe writing the books in my head, retiring from my job, enjoying some years of guilt-free sleeping-in.

Many people have ridden part of the way with me.  Dad was with me until I was 46; Mom until I was 65.  My younger brother left us when he was only 49, and I was  63.  My sister still rides the train of life, although she’s not on the same track as I am. Terry has ridden with me as my husband for 48 years; my four children and nine grandchildren too many different lengths of time to number.



Of course there have been  hundreds of other passengers who have boarded my train and then departed. Students I have taught; co-workers at church, friends of many years who get on and off my train every few stops. The co-workers at our counseling office, some who have been there from the beginning, others who had to get off my train for various reasons.  Clients I hope I have helped as they stepped into my train to get some counsel to enable them to finish the ride on their own trains. People I have turned to in tears to get encouragement when I needed it.

Of course, God has been the engineer and conductor on my ride. I am thankful beyond measure that He has never dropped me off and left me stranded in strange territory, helpless to know what to do next.

The ride has been amazing for nearly 70 years.  I’m not afraid of the rest of it, knowing that it will end in heaven with my Savior.

I am blessed.

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