A Bite to Eat


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Snack.  Isn’t that a funny word to say? Snack.

So of course I had to check the etymology.  Where would such a strange word come from?

Wiki tells me that it originated with the Old Dutch snappen, meaning a little bite.  Middle Dutch transformed it to snacken, for reasons we will probably never know, and so it comes to us as snack.  A little bite.  A small meal eaten between larger meals.


Here’s a healthy-looking snack.  I enjoy that sort of mini-meal, especially if someone else is preparing it 🙂

I’d rather have this, though:


Yes, I know it’s very bad for me on so many levels, and I rarely indulge these days.  It’s not nearly as attractive as the hummus platter, but something about that wrapper just calls my name.

So here’s a question for all the philosophical souls out there:  Why are the things that are so BAD for us the things we want more than we want the things that are so GOOD for us?

Don’t lose any sleep over it. Go have a healthy snack.  Or unhealthy 🙂



2 thoughts on “A Bite to Eat

  1. I know exactly what you mean, and it takes an awful lot of “Mind over matter” to resist that attraction. I suppose to the ancestors it wasn’t as much of a problem because they couldn’t find or afford much sugar and/or cocoa. (Or much of anything else at times.)

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  2. True. I believe we BabyBoomers were the first generation to be hooked on sugar before we were a year old. I shake my head at moms today who give their little ones juice–all day long–rather than a drink of water. Juice is pure liquid sugar. Not good. Not good at all. No wonder diabetes is at epidemic proportions.


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