Scottie Dogs


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Sometimes I’m surprised at what these one-word prompts bring to mind.

I remember going to visit friends when I was just about five or six years old. They were my parent’s friends, really.  I even remember their names. Cliff and Alice.  I remember they had a son, a very kind young man, who had what I later learned was a  permanent tracheotomy.  I don’t remember why he had it.


The other things I remember include an adorable set of paper dolls that I loved to play with. But most of all, I remember two tiny metal Scottie dogs, one white and one black. They had a silver bar in which their feet were embedded, and the bar was magnetized. I was fascinated by they way they were drawn to each other by those magnets. I also remember putting one of the dogs on top of  a metal table that had a permanent place in the enclosed porch, and the other dog underneath. I would move the bottom dog to control where the top dog went, and I made up stories as I manipulated them.



Not understanding the physics of magnetism yet, I was fascinated by the immediate bonding if I held them so their bases would click together; but try as I might, when I held them nose to nose they repelled each other and I could feel the force of that.  When I finally did manage to touch their noses together, they would immediately click to the magnetized bar.

It seemed magical to my imaginative six-year-old mind. I entertained myself for hours over the years we went to visit Cliff and Alice.

I wonder if they knew how much I loved those tiny little dogs.




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