A Moment out of Time


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Jerusalem!  The Holy City!  What a wonderful place to be on such a glorious morning!

Seth shouldered his backpack and stepped onto the worn bricks, thinking, “What secrets these old buildings must hold!”

Pacing forward, he imagined the clamor of the mob that followed the horribly disfigured  man  struggling to stay upright under the heavy cross he carried. . . .

Suddenly, shouting, cursing, weeping, and taunting, people swarmed around him, elbowing him out of the way as they fought to keep up. All wanted to see  the crucifixion.

Seth snapped back to reality.  Lunatic or heretic?







37 thoughts on “A Moment out of Time

    1. You know, I never did see Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion of the Christ.” I know what happened. Didn’t care to watch it. However, the final outcome wasn’t Jesus’ death; it was His victory over sin and death when He rose from the tomb. So, because of that, I think I could bear it–if I had to.


  1. I once participated in a weekend church retreat where they reenacted your story. It suddenly felt not so abstract. I had the same feeling when I saw this week’s photo prompt. But your story even brings makes it feel REAL. Well written.


    1. I don’t think we even have any houses in America that were built so long ago! We’re impressed here with buildings that have existed for 250 years or so. Just babies, really, in the span of history.


  2. Great take, it’s always fantastic imagining who’s gone before you in historical places, what happened there and ho it happened. I suppose nowadays everyone would be capturing it on their phone cameras

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